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Project summary

Creating a trusted way to sell, swap and shop certified tech on demand

The Project

Currently, there are more phones on the planet than humans and over 50 million tonnes of e-waste dumped each year. We’re on a mission to make buying and selling tech better in a bid to reduce global eWaste.  We’re on a mission to rehome 100 million devices in a bid to tackle e-waste by building a smarter recommence system that creates a better way to recycle and refresh your tech. Reboxed is born out of a passion for technology but also out of the frustration at the acceleration and constant upgrade cycles. Each year we get marginal upgrades which means buying the latest device is no longer necessary.

Why reboxed?

The problem for me is every year when i try to sell my older devices, i find it difficult to get what they are worth. I face scams on all the major marketplaces, and most online choices right now wont give me the value. On the other side, customers are buying devices that aren't certified, full of fake parts or they are just plainly getting scammed. See the iPhone soapgate. Not only is this a huge problem, it's fragmented and inconvenient. there should be one app where you can buy sell, certify and swap your device and get paid the same day. This will add more trust, make people think refurbished or pre owned more and help create a more sustainable way to consume and access technology.